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Assisted Living: A Good Option for Dementia Care?

Dementia is a disease that takes more than just one’s memory. As dementia progresses, it affects one’s ability to perform activities of daily living, including personal care. Thus, seniors with dementia must receive daily care and assistance.

However, where should seniors receive dementia care? Is it a good idea for them to rely on an assisted living facility? As a residential care facility in Sonoma, California, we at Bella Vista Village II LLC are here to discuss if an assisted living facility is the appropriate choice for seniors with dementia to live in. 

The problems people with dementia face are loss of independence and memory loss. As dementia progresses, seniors will face difficulties with activities of daily living. Thus, caregiver involvement is a must, and what could be better with caregivers providing assisted living care in California? Assisted living ensures the seniors’ safety and independence while being around the premises. 

As facilities are packed with professionals prioritizing seniors. They also provide memory care. Memory care helps prevent memory loss. Memory loss can start with forgetfulness and up to social withdrawal and anhedonia

Overall, assisted living is beneficial for seniors with dementia. Thanks to the professionals and staff members, their needs and issues will be catered to. Our assisted living facility is perfect for seniors who need dementia and hospice care in California. Call us for more details about our services.

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