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Providing Memory Care for Seniors with Dementia


Being informed that a loved one has dementia can be an emotionally overwhelming experience. The diagnosis of this progressive and irreversible disease can shake the very foundation of a family because they know that life will never be the same again.

One of the most significant challenges for families is managing memory loss which is a hallmark of dementia. At first, forgetfulness may seem harmless, such as misplacing a remote control. However, it can quickly escalate into hazardous situations, such as forgetting to turn off the stove or leaving an appliance plugged in. As the disease progresses, seniors with dementia may even forget to take their medications, posing a serious risk to their health and well-being.

Our residential care facility in Sonoma, California is fully equipped to provide specialized care for seniors with dementia. Our professional team of caregivers is trained to provide practical assistance to help maintain a safe and comfortable living environment for our residents.

As a provider of assisted living care in California, we offer individualized care plans that focus on promoting a high quality of life while also addressing each resident’s unique needs.

If your senior loved one needs memory care services, please contact Bella Vista Village II LLC. By entrusting your loved one to our care, you can have peace of mind, knowing they are receiving the support and attention they need in a warm and welcoming environment.

Please be guided that we also partner with trusted hospice care agencies that can deploy professionals to provide quality hospice care in California at our facility. Your inquiries are welcome.

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